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I began cleaning chimneys in 1983! A lot of things have changed since then. We now look at the system first and make sure you are safe. We ensure that your wood burning stove is up to code and not to close to combustibles. We look at your fireplace for cracks in the flue or other issues. We attend yearly conventions to stay up on what to look for. Our attention to detail and commitment to safety make us stand out as the premier chimney cleaning service in Vancouver, WA.

If you have moved into a used home and have not yet used the fireplace or wood stove, we recommend you schedule chimney cleaning before you light your first fire. The same is true for any first fire your build for the year in your stove or fireplace. Not only do you have last year’s build up, you also have dust and grim that settles in while the fireplace has not been in use.

If you use your build a fire in your home many time throughout the year, it is best to get your chimney cleaned at least once a quarter. For regular use, consider a monthly chimney cleaning.

Chimney Sweep Safety

After several fires, creosote builds up in your chimney. This wood-tar substance is sticky and combustible. If it catches fire while stuck to the flume or inside walls of a chimney then that fire can spread. Expelled burning chimney debris is a danger to your roof and chimney fires can easily spread to the walls of your home.

Having a professional chimney sweep preform a thorough chimney cleaning between heavy fireplace uses is extremely important. Not only will we ensure your chimney is clean, we also check for structural damage where the integrity of your chimney, fireplace or stove might be posing a safety risk.

If you are looking for the most honest and most qualified chimney sweep around then please give us a call or click below to see what we have to offer! You will not be disappointed!

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What you're seeing here is a screen from a cap on a wood stove that clogged like this in less than three weeks of installation. Until the actual cold weather hits and people still want to have a fire to take off the chill and damper it down to smolder, this is what you get. Your glass usually gets black, you can't see through it and this is happening to your chimney too. Just be aware that with these mild temperatures, if you burn wood during not so cold days, you will clog your chimney in a short amount of time. The cap doesn't lie. ... See MoreSee Less

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